How to Choose the Suitable Size Dog Bed?

How to Choose the Suitable Size Dog Bed ?


There are a large amount of options and types of dog beds, but choosing the right bed still be a confusing problem because of the size problem. Because if the bed is too small will bring potential issues to your dog:

Sore joints from not getting enough support

Sore muscles from being cramped in a small space

Not enough restful sleep

Hip and back problems (especially in large breeds)


Here’s how you can make sure that you’re getting the right size bed for your dog:


The best way is to measure your dog when he lying on a bed, to measure your pet with a tape, and measure him from the tip of the nose to the tail. That’s how long the bed should be. Then measure your dog from shoulder to shoulder at the widest point. That’s the minimum length and width that the bed should be.


Don’t forget to add 6 to 12 inches to both of two final numbers, to give your pooch some room to spread out..

Then write those measurements down as a guideline when you’re shopping for a new dog bed.

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CONSIDER YOUR DOG’S Sleeping Position

Different dogs sleep in different positions, and their sleeping positions has to be considered when get a new bed. In this case, picking the right type of the bed will often go together with the right size.


For dogs like to curl up when sleeping to keep themselves warm and for the feeling of safety, most bed sizes will work in this case, as long as they’re not too small, and you don’t need to pick an over-sized bed.


For dogs like to stretch out when sleeping, a larger bed with plenty of room will be the best choice to prevent any discomfort and also provide good support for dogs with joint problems.


Today, it’s always easier (and cheaper) to order dog beds online rather than browse at pet stores. They will usually provide a helpful guidelines for you to pick an ideal bed for your specific dog.


Some will also have FAQs and guides to assist you with your choice. With those help, the process is smooth, easy and will often cost much less than buying a dog bed at a pet store. You also can browsing a large number of beds instead of just a few choices.

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