Step 1: Choose your phone model and upload one of your pet's photo (keep the picture as clear as possible).

Step 2: Place your order.

Step 3: Phone cases are completely customized to each individual, so it may takes 7-10 business days to complete.


Here are some tips to help you to get a great photo, right from your smart phone

  • Get a close up of your subject, this way we can better see the details.
  • Get on their level! Crouch down when taking the photo!
  • The best poses are when your pet is either sitting or standing, not laying down.
  • Light is so important when it comes to a good photo. Outdoor daylight is always the best option!


Pay Attention: be sure to upload your pet's photo and make sure it is in high definition.


If there is any question about customized phone case, please contact: