Multi-purpose Needle Comb for Dog Cat Yokie Puppy Pets Comb Brush

$1.87 $3.38

[Name]: white plastic handle pet needle comb

[Specification]:  No. 1 comb (needle comb part) 7.5 * 3.5cm, comb outside (whole) is 1
3.5*10 cm

                          No. 2  comb is about 14cm long and about 3cm wide. Needle length is 1.2cm.

[Description]: It is very effective for preventing the knotting of hairs for daily grooming of small dogs or cats. It is the first necessary tool for keeping pets.
The pin cushion of this product is flexible and will not hurt the pet.
Small for small dogs and cats such as VIPs, Yorkshire and other pets
Regularly groom your hair, not only beautiful, clean, hair is fluffy and smooth, but also can increase the feelings. Comb not only prevents hair tangling, but also makes the pet's hair more supple and radiant. It also promotes blood circulation, enhances skin resistance and relieves fatigue. After combing, the hair can be fluffy and prevent knotting.


Tips: Due to the proximity of the Chinese New Year, the supply is tight, the product color is shipped randomly, I hope you can understand, thank you!

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