Cat Hammock Bed Mount Window

$43.25 $77.85



1. The cat litter uses environmentally friendly EVA material, which is heat-resistant and durable.
2. The surface is matched with felt cloth, which has a breathable texture;
3. Fixed use of three large 8.5CM suction cups, strong adsorption, can bear about 7.5KG
4. The suction cup is detachable and can be removed by one end of the rotating wood rod;
5. Contains removable and washable mats available on both sides of winter and summer.
6. The hammock can be fixed to the window sill of the flat glass surface, balcony. Smooth surface of porcelain wall, flat wooden door

It can be used in winter and summer, and the maximum load is around 10KG.
Installation steps: Wipe the surface of the suction cup and clean the surface of the glass. Rub the suction cup and squeeze the air inside. (Use the hot water for 3 minutes before using the suction cup. Water reuse will be greater)

Package include:

Bed X1
Mat X1
Suction cup X3
Wooden beads X6
Fixing rod X3





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