50Pcs/Pack 75% Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes Disposable Hand Wipes Clean Skin

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75% Disinfecting Alcohol Wipes Disposable Hand Wipes Skin Toys Cleaning Bacteria Disinfection Wipes Alcohol Cotton Pieces

Product name: alcohol wipes

Main ingredients: non-woven fabric, medical alcohol, RO pure water
Shelf life: 2 years

Product features:
1. Naturally degradable materials, safe and non-irritating
2. Does not contain fluorescent agents and preservatives
3. Good sterilization effect, easy to carry
4. Can be used to disinfect skin, around wounds, and before injection
5. For cleaning and disinfection of keyboards, mobile phones, office supplies, carry-on items, tableware, children's toys, etc.
6. Emergency disinfection of small wounds such as outdoor tourism, camping, swimming, etc.

1. Please use as soon as possible after opening, avoid high temperature and direct sunlight
2. Keep out of reach of babies and avoid eating by mistake
3. Use with caution for those who are allergic to alcohol
4, paint surface, metal surface, metal products, styrene products, leather products are tested before use to determine that the color does not change, use after deterioration


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