Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar Smart Locating Outdoor Device

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The GPS dog tracker is not only IP67 deep waterproof and robust, it also enables you to view your pet's location from anywhere, anytime. You can track your furry friend in real time - without limits. Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy many more fun features together with your pet. It's definitely time for new adventures - so get your pet tracker. This GPS products can be used with cats and dogs almost anywhere in the world. Simply attach the gps tracker to the collar, start tracking and receive geofence alerts.

Features and Highlights:

1. GPS location and activity tracker for dogs and cats-Smarter pet care is here.

2. Electronic phone fence: You can set the pet's range of activities, and when your pet exceeds the range, it will be notified via app SMS.

3. Advanced Tracking: LBS+GPS+WIFI three mode precise positioning allows you to find your pet more quickly.

4.Fast charging: Fast charging technology is used to complete charging in a short time.

5. Long Standby: Fully charged can be used for about 7 days.

6.Prevent Pet Lost:Real-time location tracking, electronic fence,Voice tracking.

7.Low battery alarm: When the battery power is too low, it is reminded by APP.

8.Light: If your pet is lost at night, help you find your pet quickly by lighting.

9.Step calculation: You can check the amount of pet movement through the APP and stay healthy with your pet.

10.IP67 waterproof: deep waterproof, rainproof.

11.Voice monitoring: When the pet is not around, turn on the voice function and judge its position by the sound around the pet.

Dimensions and Specifications:

Network: GSM / GPRS

Network band : 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900Mhz

Standby:7 days

Car charging pressure: 12V-42V

Home charging pressure: 110V-220V

Size :45*39*18mm(1.77*1.54*0.71in)

Package Contents:

1x GPS Tracker(Not Include SIM card)

1x Collar

Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (2)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (10)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (4)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (5)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (8)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (12)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (11)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (13)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (7)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (9)Accuracy GPS Tracker Collar (14)

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