Electric Nail Clipper For Animals


                Are you worried about trimming your pet's nails for fear of hurting them?

This revolutionary, no-mess, no-pain nail trimmer for dogs or cats is exactly what you need!



  • Zero pain, completely safe and easy to use
  • Zero Mess, unique cap catches all those shavings. 
  • Any Dog/Cat at any size!

With the precision emery filing wheel, there's no need for manual cutting. The emery filing wheel does all the work for you by removing thin layers of nail smoothly, gently and efficiently. You are the professional.

The unique protective cap catches and contains all those shavings to prevent any messes. Then, simply remove the cover to empty the compartment and you're good to go for next time!

1 24 5 6
  • 1 x Clipper(powered by 2*AA batteries, not included)
  • 3 x Polish Rolls

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