Incredible Vacuum Pet Massager&Fur Cleaner

$29.90 $44.89

Give your pets a good massage and comfort them with our Incredible Vacuum Pet Massager&Fur Cleaner

It is intelligently designed for a quick and mess-free grooming experience for your pets at the comfort of your home. 


  • Luxury Massager Provides your pet a unforgettable massage experience and helps with blood circulation. Relax tense muscles which commonly caused by fears of thunder and lightning storms, fireworks or other loud noises.

  • Safe and Easy to Clean Fur: Combining the functionality of combing brush and a vacuum, this pet hair removal tool is intelligently designed keeping your pet’s comfort and safety at the priority. To get started, Simply switch on the device on and start combing it through the hair. The rotating motor will collect all the loose hair into the cannister while removing any tangle or knots. Then simple pour the fur away!
    • Versatile and Cost Efficient: Featuring an innovative cordless design, this vacuum cleaner brush comes with two different heads attachments to meet your everyday cleaning needs. Using the upholstery attachment, you can effortlessly remove pet hair and debris from your furniture, car interiors, clothing, carpets and hard to reach areas of your home in no time.
    • Portable and Battery Operated: It is extremely lightweight and compact in size, which makes it perfect for carrying on the go. Since it is cordless and battery powered, you won’t have to run after your pets to make them sit on a specific spot near to the power outlet. 


    • Material: ABS + Rubber
    • Size: 19 cm/7.48*11 cm/4.33*6 cm/2.36
    • Power: 3 x AA batteries (battery not included)

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