Dog Muzzle Anti Bark Bite Adjustable Training Mouth Cover Musk for Medium Large Dog

$27.48 $49.46

Type:Leather Dog Muzzle Spiked Studded Anti Bark Bite Chew Muzzles Adjustable Training Mouth Cover Musk For Medium Large Dog Pitbull

Feature: Anti bite bark chew

Material: Leather

Colors: Black

  • Fit for Amstaff,Terrier, Pit Bull,Beagle,Boxer and other same size dogs
  • This size generally most suitable for Medium Large Breeds
  • Feature: Cool spikes
  • Offers great protection, also makes your dog look cool!
  • It will prevent your dog from wound licking,eating of rocks,garbage, poison, etc Prevents injuries from dog fights
Size: Please, measure your dog's snout to insure this is the correct muzzle size you need

    • Mouth
    • Length: 12.6" (32cm)
    • Adjustable size :9-11"(23-28cm)
    • Neck
    • Length: 25.6"(65cm)
    • Adjustable size: 19.7-23.6" :(50- 60cm)


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