Mobile Phone Aluminum Alloy Stand


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Tired of constantly holding your phone up and making it stay inĀ one place? This handy mobile stand holdsĀ your phone/tablet in place and in the perfect angle for when you want to watch a video, read texts/emails, scroll through images in the perfect angle.

Get oneĀ for your :

  • DeskĀ - To browse, scroll through images and watch videos
  • Bed sideĀ - To use as an alarm clock and charge your phone overnight
  • KitchenĀ - When following cooking instructions/recipes and videosĀ 
  • Make-up TableĀ - When following make up tutorialsĀ 
  • The officeĀ - Increase productivity with multiple screens
Start your holiday shopping and add these to your loved ones Christmas stocking!
  • Compatible with iPhone and Android phones and Tablets.
  • Sturdy & Rubber Protected: Built with strong smooth aluminum alloy and rubber cushioned bottom to protect it from scratching and sliding on surfaces.
  • Suitable height and perfect viewing angle when using Face Time, reading email/text/messages, cooking recipes, make-up tutorials or just general browsing without the need to hold your phone.


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