Manual Neck Shoulder Finger Pressure Tissue Trigger Point Muscle Massage

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Easy and self-controlled portable lightweight massager that provides deep tissue massage for posterior shoulder and rear neck muscles for immediate relaxed stress relief. Helps blood circulations, relieves painful muscles knots and stiffness. Dual Soft rubber balls are used to emulate deep tissue shiatsu massage and decrease muscle tension. Very popular for people who work in an office that requires sitting behind the desk for numerous hours.

Main Features - 

  • Targeted pain relief muscle massage - Relieve pain by applying pressure directly and massaging the trigger points on the neck and shoulders. Apply the massager to the neck, shoulders or legs to relieve pain and prevent muscle injury.

  • Promotes circulation and blood flow - Perfectly relieves stress, improves blood circulation, relieves neck and shoulders, waist, back, leg pain and fatigue, improves sleep quality, and enhances body energy, especially for people living in high-pressure work environments. It can also help relieve headaches or migraine and promote the healing of sprains or arthritis.

  • Lightweight and easy to use - Whether you are at home, business or travel, you can enjoy your own deep tissue massage. The handles are flexible enough to stretch in different directions. Gently shake and gently press to adjust the pressure you like, then enter the lower neck or aim at the upper neck.

  • Ergonomic design - Recommended by doctors, chiropractors, physiotherapists, and massage therapists, easy to operate and control the comfort of the massage direction. The two Trigger Point Massage Balls are designed to feel like the hands of a massage therapist and penetrate deep into the muscles for instant pain relief. 

Key Features - 
  • Ergonomic grip and dual trigger point massage balls.

  • Lightweight and portable, convenient to use at home, in your office, or while being on the road.

  • Helps to release firm, stiff and aching muscles on the neck, shoulder or leg.

  • Promotes healing of sprains or arthritis.

  • Improves blood circulation to relieve your fatigue.

  • Improve your sleep quality to get good body energy.

  • Helps to improve cough, colds or other sinus and breathing problems.

  • Help with indigestion, intestinal disorders, morning sickness and menstrual disorders.
Specifications - 
  • Material: plastic handle and silicone ball.
  • Ball diameter: 42 mm
  • Product size: 36 x 19 x 3.3 cm / 14.2 x 7.5 x 1.3 inch
  • Product weight: 330 grams
  • Color: light green

Package Includes - 

  • Body and back self-massage tool*1

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