Led Lamp Nail Dryer For Different Types Gel

New 36W UV Led Lamp Nail Dryer For All Types Gel 12 Leds UV Lamp for Nail Machine Curing 60s/120s Timer USB Connector
Model: 9SD
Power: 36w
Color: White
Weight: 190G 
Lifetime: 50000hrs
​Not Anto sensor
Number of LEDS: 12 pcs
Size:  19*12*7.5 cm / 7.5*4.7*3 inch
Fit Gel Type: All of type Gel nail polish
wavelength of light: 365~405mm
Set Timer: 60s,120s  time setting
Function: Plug or   be charged by Powerbank/laptop
It is big enough for a whole hand or foot so you can do manicre or pedicure at the same time.
Can dry almost all nail gels:  Can be used for curing various nail gels such as UV nail builder and base ge
Two ways to connect 
1. Plug in outlet directly ( NO Plug )
2. Unplug the plug,   Use USB Line charged by Powerbank/laptop
Cautions :
Please power supply with correct Voltage;
Not allow any liquid into the machine other wise,damage may occur;
Please unplug the adapter,when leaving;
Please not to use the lamp with power cord failure;
Please not to turn on the machine excess than 600minutes,otherwise it may reduce the lifetime of nail lamp.
Package List:
1x nail lamps
1x USB Line ( Not Included Plug )
Note:without original package,air bag well packed ( we will provide original box if you order 2pcs or more )  
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