The Gatling Gun Of Water Balloons

$19.99 $38.89

That's a whole bunch of balloons! Why struggle and waste precious party time filling and tying one water balloon after the other? You’ll never lose a water-balloon fight again with this amazing Water Balloons Challenge set. It will pull the Magic Water Balloons off the connector and the self-tying mechanism will do its job so you can focus on fun!Buy in bulk--the manufacturer says you can fill balloons a minute!

Main Features

  • Makes Water Balloons Easy!Water Balloons fills balloons in just seconds and they are instantly sealed and ready to go!

  • Great For Boys & Girls!Water Balloons makes the perfect gift for boys & girls and they also make the perfect gift or party favor for any occasion.

  • Great for Picnics & Outdoor  Family Fun!Water Balloons is great for picnics, pool parties & Summertime fun.


  • Launcher range: up to 15m
  • Assorted and varied colors

The Package Includes

  • Water Balloons*2Packages(222pcs)
  • Water Balloons*3Packages(333pcs)

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