ourpetmark™ Dental Ball Suction Tug Toy

$19.99 $29.99

Keep your doggy active and happy with this fun, stimulating, interactive dental tug toy!

You may have noticed that dogs love to play tug of war! The benefit of this tug toy - it allows dogs to play all by themselves. Perfect for pawrents who want to keep their doggy's busy while they aren't home.

Simply place the suction cup end onto any clean flat surface, floor or wall and watch as your dog tugs away independently, providing plenty of entertainment while tiring your fur baby out.

The extra benefit with this toy is the Dental ball, place treats between the teeth and inside the cavity or use peanut butter or a treat paste on the outside. Enticing your dog to chew and get the treats out. The rubber nodules and teeth massage the gums, preventing teeth from plaque and tarter and keeping their breath fresher. A bell inside the cavity to keep your dog interested and entertained.

Made from non-toxic TPR rubber and durable rope, the suction cup gives adequate resistance for your dog to pull on.

  • Material - Non-toxic TPR rubber & rope
  • Total Length: Approx 40cm
  • Ball Size Diameter: 8cm 
  • Suction Cup: 9.5cm

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