Pets Cat Dog Role Play Furry Clothes Fancy Hair

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This furry, handmade pet hat turns your cat or small dog into a lion, the king of animals! Fits most average size cats and small dogs. 

so cool costume designed for your pets. 

your baby will win a lot of admiration, when wearing this cloth walking on the street. 

Color: brown 
Size: hood height 13cm, head 26-30cm (adjustable) 

Suitable for: head circumference 26-30 cm cat or small dog 

Velcro used for cats! 

Attention: due to the material in different times, the color of the ears will be slight different! 

Package included: 
1x Lion Mane Wig HM14461.7HM14461.8HM14461.9HM14461.5HM14461.6HM14461.1HM14461.2HM14461.3HM14461.4HM14461.11HM14461.12HM14461.13HM14461.14HM14461.15HM14461.16


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