Recliner Sofa Couch Cover Pet Dog Mat Protector Sofa Cover

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COMFORTABLE & WATER-REPELLENT-Vailge beautiful quilted slipcovers for chairs is crafted from Polyester material,have a much higher thread count for an extra soft feel compared with other slipcovers, and thick padding in the middle offers a cozy and comfortable chair cover. This chair seat cover is super soft to the touch so it is a perfect sofa covers for dogs, kids. Polyester material water-repellent coating can ensure drool and urine do not seep into the sofa.

STAYS IN PLACE-Vailge chair seat covers use upgraded 5cm wide adjustable elastic strap which will help hold your chair cover in place. Longer over the arm flap to make the fabric more tight.Two anti-slip foams, which tucked into the grooves on two sides to prevent sliding and keep slipcover in space firmly. This make our couch protector fit most types sofa whateven how thick the sofa back is.

REVERSIBLE & GOOD DECORATOR-Whether your chair is brand-new or decades old, a washable reversible sofa cover will help to keep it looking (and smelling) fresh at all times and decorating room while protecting chair/sofa/couch or loveseat against stains, drool and dirty paws. Reversible slipcovers for chairs double the use, save half of the chair cover cost while supply two kinds of style for living room.

EASY-TO-GO-Vailge chair covers for dogs avoid you having to struggle with each time you take it off to clean it. Instead, this chair covers are one-piece design that slips on and off with ease. Moreover the material of cushion covers are machine-washable, durable and require little special care.Each sofa cover boats two pockets on the side for added convenience. Store magazines, newspapers, remotes and other essentials so they’re always close at hand when you’re lounging out.

GUARANTEED- If you don't like the chair cover, or it's not the right size(this chair slipcover fits up to seat width 53cm), please contact us freely.

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