Toby Squeaking Glider

$23.99 $51.92

The Toby Glider is the indoor dog toy that your pet will love chasing around your home! Toby Glider has a built-in squeaker, bright colours and fun pattern which attracts and excites your dog’s natural pouncing urges. 

The main benefit to dogs that the Toby Glider has over other conventional dog chase toys and balls, is that the design, including the fun pattern, the squeak and the way that the Toby Glider reacts to being jumped on and chased, actually encourages your dogs to exercise. This instinctive, subconscious urge will give your dog hours of fun chasing after it!

Key Benefits

  • Suitable For All Breeds And Sized - Fun for dogs of all sizes and ages
  • Glides Over Any Surface - Glides across hard floors and carpets
  • No Bouncing Or Damaging Walls And Furniture - Flat base prevents bouncing up to protect furniture

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