Waterproof Pet Cat Litter Mat EVA Double Layer with Bottom Non-slip

$26.88 $48.38


1.Exquisite quilted edge, thicken bottom, compact workmanship, durable quality.
2.Waterproof base layer preventing the water and urine leaking to the floor.
3.Adopt for Eco-friendly and high elastic EVA foam, honeycomb for easily gathering the sands.
4.Double-layer cat litter trapper for trapping litter from cat paws and litter box, help you to save cleaning time and sands cost.
5.Easy to clean, just pour out the litter via the opening pocket.


Solid black color design, dirtproof and dustproof.
Create a cozy environment for your cat.
Easy cleaning and quick drying.


Material: EVA
Color: black
Item Size:S: 30*30CM
M: 40*50CM
 L: 45*60CM
 XL: 55*75CM
Package included:
1 x Cat Litter MatO1CN01YCcW5A239bJGfE0a3_!!2608007213O1CN01XWvdgA1wESEAbt8Qk_!!1752906276O1CN01qFTqP71wESE9zwGRV_!!1752906276 拷贝O1CN01usiwKU1wESE7obIx8_!!1752906276 拷贝10523496151_820581130O1CN01dvW63P239bJFb3kBX_!!2608007213 拷贝O1CN01Hu4YNp1wESEADVCGX_!!1752906276 拷贝O1CN01IiNOTj239bJEFfAS9_!!2608007213 拷贝TB2CI2unAUmBKNjSZFOXXab2XXa_!!3160295537O1CN01HWBmOd1xpqA0taRy3_!!925126493O1CN01qpTXeD239bJEFepii_!!2608007213

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